A PBusardo Review - Siam Mods Tanks from Clouds Of Vapor

  • A PBusardo Review - Siam Mods Tanks from Clouds Of Vapor

    VAPING TODAY: ProVari V2, glass carto tank from KosmicGlass with a Smoktech 1.5 dually three hole punched carto, Heaven's Nectar from FlavorZ by Joe (WOW!) IN THE REVIEW QUEUE: eGo-T Type B Megavapor Atomizers & The Tank System Shootout, HH.357 Cisco Spec Hybrid 510 Atomizer, GG Odysseus, E-liquid from Vape-A-Licious, Flavour Crafters, E-Pipe Mods, Nature Vapor, E-Liquid Planet, Volcano E-Cig
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    Siam Mods Tanks from Clouds Of Vapor
    By pbusardo on 18 April 2012 in Recent News, Tanks with No Comments

    A PBusardo Review -- Siam Mods Tanks from Clouds Of Vapor

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    Regarding the "slidyness" of these tanks:

    From Dino (thanks man!):

    Phil. For your information, I experienced the same problem with those tanks as you did. I have a fix for you if you are interested. My wife liked them on her mod so i had to come up with a solution. If you replace the inner orings with a Metric Buna-N O-Ring 1.5 mm Width x 9 mm ID. It will fix the problem.

    Here is the McMaster Carr Part number........9262K126

    From Siam Mods:

    Hi i'm the maker of Siam mods stuff.

    If you like tight tanks then i guess the review is fair. The first batch were tight and maybe too tight when using the "original" tank filler design. Guess you'll never keep everyone happy. Using a decent drip tip the tank ain't going anywhere. There's a variation in DCC and cart diameters and these the larger diameter boges.
    I'll get the thicker o rings out to vendors to give with each tank for the option if they prefer tight or loose and can change to suit

    By the way, this is terrific! Yes, everyone would have a different preference as to how they like they're cartos to fit and their tanks to behave. I personally like a tighter fit for less of a chance of a juice disaster. And I also agree with "Guess you'll never keep everyone happy", believe me... I know! 🙂

    Thanks for watching, addressing what may be an issue for some, AND providing a solution. The sign of a good vendor/manufacturer!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbDLExKAYtE&feature=youtube_gdata


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