A PBusardo Review - 7 from Mountain Oak Vapors

  • A PBusardo Review 7 from Mountain Oak Vapors


    Smoky Mountain 555
    Classic CountRY4
    Heavenly 7
    Red Drop
    Cool Berry

    Post Review Follow-up from Steve, the owner of Mountain Oak Vapors:


    First of all thanks for getting our review done we appreciate that! It was definitely fun to watch.
      The tobacco liquids were sent to you a while back and since then Smoky Mountain 555 and Applewood have both received an update. Most importantly Applewood has had the apple toned back and the nutty tobacco toned up. (You mentioned this specifically in your review so I thought it important to note that Applewood had been updated.)
    We do make note of all recipe updates/changes on our website so our customers are aware of the changes and the dates they are made if they are made (we try to avoid changing if possible, but we also like to offer the best product we can so at times changes are warranted.)
    Also I did want to let you know too that you were not crazy about the caps threading crooked on some bottles, our supplier early on had this issue and we have since addressed the issue with our supplier some months back. The first 3 bottles you received (Applewood/CCRY4/SmokyMountain555)though definitely would have had those old caps. It's hard to say if the 3 fruit flavors sent on 7/8 had this cap issue, in any event this issue is resolved fully now.  This issue only affected our 15mL bottles, not our 30mLs.
    Again thanks so much for taking the time to give us a review, up to you whether or not you think these two things are worth making a note of, we don't mind either way!


    Steve Nair
    Mountain Oak Vapors LLC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vayF_ZBRrU&feature=youtube_gdata


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