A PBusardo Video - PWM, Vrms, And Moving Forward

  • A PBusardo Video - PWM, Vrms, And Moving Forward

    WARNING!! Gratuitous Tech in this video! If you don't care, skip this one! 🙂

    Based on what I've read, seen, heard, calculated, and experienced, I fully agree that the Vrms value is the one to use for the charts moving forward. Although I hope to have an ECD Meter following VaperCon, I want to continue to show you the output signals from these devices, so meet the new scope.

    Now I'm probably not going to be able to land men on Mars with it, and I may not settle on this unit, but I've looked closely at the Vrms it displays for a given PWM device. More importantly, I've set the ProVari to that value and the vape appears equivalent, so I'm happy enough with the measurements. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpqDY21obaM&feature=youtube_gdata


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