A PBusardo Review - The Opus D & The DNA-20

  • A PBusardo Review - The Opus D & The DNA-20

    Regarding the batteries from Opus...

    There are two 30C, 750 mAh, li-ion flat pack batteries that are soldered directly to the PCB, one on each side.

    We do not consider them to be user serviceable and of course this voids factory warranty if tampered with. It is too easy for a non experienced person to accidentally short the thing out and these batteries can be dangerous if shorted.

    We offer replacement of the two batteries for $45.00. Bases on our experience and manufacturers specs, I expect several hundred charge cycles of life. We recommend placing the unit on charge when not in use. The internal charge circuit prevents over charging. What causes li-ion batteries to fail is if they are allowed to discharge below 3V. This will cause them to "puff". The DNA 20 board we use will draw micro amps even when off and not in use. If one vapes all day to discharge and kicks it aside to use another mod for a few days and does not place the device on charge then over several days the batteries will be taken out. A PBusardo Review - The Opus D & The DNA-20 – 37:30
    — pbusardo

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