A PBusardo Review - The AGR+ Tank

  • A PBusardo Review - The AGR+ Tank

    In this video we talk about the AGR+ carto tank and how it can be improved.

    Turns out that the carto is not only getting it's air from the slots in the locking ring, but also through the locking ring at the devices 510 connection as well. If you unscrew the tank from the ring, airflow is restored. If you unscrew the entire tank including the locking ring, airflow is again restored.

    IMHO, they need to seal the locking ring and allow for proper airflow through the air channels to the carto.

    Many are asking below if the old locking ring solves the problem. I didn't try since even if it did, it's not going to solve the problem for someone who is going to buy the AGR+ and doesn't have the old locking ring laying around. I will give it a shot though and see if it opens up the airflow at all and post the results here and in the post review follow-up on TYJ.

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