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  • hola, alguien tiene este equipo SX Mini Class G y sepa como usar las curvas SXi-Q? No encontré ningún tutorial y el manual no explica demasiado...

    alt text

  • @Jazztamos dijo en SX Mini Class G | customizar curvas SXi-Q:

    @Dr-Vaporeso Hola. Eso mismo lo podés configurar desde el mod en el modo curva (sxi-q-s1), vas poniendo la temperatura (en joule) cada medio segundo y vas armando la curva. Desde la pc no logré hacerlo funcionar, tampoco investigué mucho, mucho solo chusmear. Saludos

    Gracias! pero uso coils Kanthal Nichrome Fused Clapton, así que no uso el control de temperatura. Estuve chusmeando un poco hacerlo por soft y es fácil. Modifique la curva sxi-q-s1, la guarde y veo el cambio el el mod.

  • @Jazztamos si, vas a sxi-q y ahi tenes s1, s2, s3, s4 y s5. Esta bueno porque el grafico lo tenes en segundos y watts. Yo por ahora uso standard o powerfull según el liquido q use. es la cuLo q me gustaría saber es comorva powerfull o powerfull-mas y cuanto duran, porque si pongo 4v, con powerfull se va a 4,57v y no baja de ahí, En el otro equipo q tengo cuando uso powerfull, hace un pico de 4,x v pero baja enseguida y sigue en los 4v q setie.

  • @Jazztamos

    ‘Special Features’
    One of the most interesting features of the SX Mini Q Class is having the ability to customize the logo and power curves using the SXi software. The ML class also had these features, but required an update as where the Q class can take advantage of these right out of the box. The software may not be the most intuitive to set up, but it is pretty straightforward if you read the instructions provided on YiHi’s site.

    YiHi SX Mini Q Class SXIQ
    First and foremost is the SXi-Q utility, which allows to users to program five different power curves that are stored in the S1-S5 configurations. It’s pretty straightforward to use and allows you to control the way the you taste your juice. After playing around with a bunch of different settings, I ended up with the configuration seen above for my NarDA built with a single 26g kanthal coil with 8 wraps around a 3mm screwdriver. As you can see, the curve starts off at 28 watts and slowly ramps down over time to 20 watts after about six seconds. This allows the coil to ramp up quickly, but also keeps the heat relatively consistent over the course of a long draw, providing great flavor throughout the entire pull. This is a fantastic feature that is aimed towards more advanced users but it doesn’t come without a few drawbacks. The big one is the fact that you can’t adjust the wattage when using one of these curves. I really wish the points on the curve were percentages instead of power levels to provide greater flexibility in each profile. This would allow the curves to be more generic so they could work in more than one scenario since you can’t adjust the curves without a computer. More of a minor issue is the fact that you can only tweak power levels by a watt, not a tenth of a watt like you can in regular power mode. It may not seem like a big deal, but for someone who almost always vapes under 30 watts, those tenths of a watt make a noticeable difference. For the higher power vaper, this won’t matter too much.

  • @Dr-Vaporeso a cada tiempo de la coordenadas horizontales le asignas la energía que deseas (Joules) que dispare, o la temperatura (°C) a la que querés que llegue la bobina. Luego sincronizas con el modo por cable (PC), o por Bluetooth (celular). Fin del asunto! No tiene más vuelta! 😁

  • @gabloo y @Jazztamos que baterías usan en el sx mini? Marca/Modelo

  • @Dr-Vaporeso yo uso MXJO yellow/silver, Sony VTC6 y Efest Purple. Todas de 3000 mAh y 15 a 20A de CDR. Podes usar también Samsung 30Q o LG H2. Mientras no le pongas Eveready está bien!!

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